Taiwan Cryptocurrency: Establishing a New Industry Standard


The Formation of Taiwan’s Cryptocurrency Industry Association

Taiwan cryptocurrency sector officially took a significant step towards regulation and self-governance with the establishment of an industry association under the government’s guidance. This move marks a pivotal moment in Taiwan’s journey towards creating a structured and regulated environment for the burgeoning cryptocurrency industry.

Taiwan Cryptocurrency: The Birth of an Association

The Inauguration

A total of 24 crypto firms, all of which have registered with the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) for anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, have joined forces to form the Taiwan Virtual Asset Service Provider Association (TVASPA). The announcement of this new association came on Thursday, highlighting a collective effort to unify the industry under a regulatory framework.

Titan Cheng, founder and CEO of BitoPro, one of Taiwan’s major cryptocurrency exchanges, has been appointed as the chair of the association. Their leadership is expected to steer the association towards achieving its regulatory and developmental goals.

Taiwan Cryptocurrency: Regulatory Advancements

Government Involvement

The creation of this industry association is a crucial step for Taiwan in enhancing its oversight of crypto trading platforms. The Taiwanese government has emphasized the importance of this development, mandating that the association formulate self-supervisory rules to ensure the industry’s healthy growth. Hsiho Huang, director of the securities firms division at the FSC, underscored the significance of this initiative during the launch meeting.

Self-Regulation and Guidelines

The primary task of the Taiwan Virtual Asset Service Provider Association is to draft self-regulatory guidelines. These guidelines aim to implement a classification and grading management system for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs). The association’s goal is to balance industry interests with government expectations, all while protecting consumer rights.

This dual focus on industry growth and consumer protection is expected to set a standard for how the cryptocurrency sector operates in Taiwan.

Taiwan Cryptocurrency: Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Existing Compliance Requirements

Taiwan currently requires cryptocurrency service providers to adhere to AML laws, a mandate introduced by the FSC in July 2021. These regulations represent the government’s initial steps towards regulating the largely unregulated crypto industry. Compliance with AML laws is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the financial system and preventing illicit activities.

Proposed Legal Amendments

In a further move to tighten regulations, the Ministry of Justice recently proposed amendments to existing AML laws. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in severe penalties, including imprisonment for up to two years.

The proposed changes highlight Taiwan’s commitment to combating financial crimes and ensuring that the cryptocurrency industry operates within a legal and ethical framework. By enforcing strict compliance measures, Taiwan aims to create a safer and more transparent environment for crypto transactions.

Taiwan Cryptocurrency: The Road Ahead

Industry Impact

The establishment of the Taiwan Virtual Asset Service Provider Association is expected to have a significant impact on the country’s cryptocurrency industry. By creating a unified body to oversee self-regulation, the industry can work towards greater legitimacy and trust among consumers and investors.

The association’s efforts to develop self-regulatory guidelines will likely lead to a more structured and predictable market environment. This, in turn, could attract more investment and innovation within the sector, fostering a vibrant and competitive cryptocurrency market in Taiwan.

Consumer Protection

Consumer protection is a central focus of the new association. By implementing strict self-regulatory measures, the association aims to safeguard the interests of cryptocurrency users. This includes ensuring that crypto firms operate transparently and ethically, providing users with confidence in their transactions and investments.

Economic Growth

The healthy development of the cryptocurrency industry is closely tied to Taiwan’s economic growth. By fostering a regulated and secure crypto market, Taiwan can position itself as a leader in the global cryptocurrency landscape. This can lead to increased economic activity, job creation, and technological innovation, benefiting the broader economy.

Conclusion of Taiwan Cryptocurrency

The formation of the Taiwan Virtual Asset Service Provider Association marks a milestone in the regulation and development of Taiwan’s cryptocurrency industry. By bringing together key players under a unified regulatory framework, Taiwan is taking proactive steps to ensure the industry’s healthy growth and integration into the broader financial system. With a focus on self-regulation, consumer protection, and compliance with AML laws, Taiwan is setting a new standard for how cryptocurrencies can be effectively managed and developed.

As the industry continues to evolve, the Taiwan cryptocurrency sector is poised to become a significant player on the global stage. Through collaboration, regulation, and innovation, Taiwan can harness the potential of cryptocurrencies to drive economic growth and technological advancement, securing its place in the future of digital finance.


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