Here is a table of current cryptocurrency airdrops for July 2024, along with the links to their websites:

Project NameDescriptionAction RequiredAirdrop Link
WorldcoinAmbitious global cryptocurrency project.Monitor for eligibility criteriaJoin Airdrop
DbankMulti-chain portfolio tracker offering potential airdrop.Various interactive tasksJoin Airdrop
DeFiChainAirdrop of $30 in DFI tokens for new users.Complete KYC and deposit $50 in tokensJoin Airdrop
Permission.ioPlatform rewards users for watching ads and shopping.Sign up and verify emailJoin Airdrop
EigenLayerMiddleware on Ethereum enhancing decentralized trust.Stake rETH or stETHJoin Airdrop
Renzo ProtocolLiquid derivative platform on EigenLayer.Mint and hold ezETHJoin Airdrop
MetaMaskPopular crypto wallet with built-in swaps and other features.Use MetaMask features regularlyJoin Airdrop
LayerZeroInter-chain communication protocol.Engage with projects on LayerZeroJoin Airdrop
zkSyncLayer 2 protocol using zero-knowledge proofs for Ethereum.Interact with zkSync networkJoin Airdrop
Zeek NetworkBlockchain-based community-driven project.Collect pointsJoin Airdrop
Summer.fiDecentralized finance protocol offering yield farming.Collect pointsJoin Airdrop
List of Airdrops July 2024

These airdrops provide various ways to earn free cryptocurrency, from participating in their ecosystems to completing simple tasks like signing up and verifying your email. Be sure to check the specific requirements and eligibility criteria on their respective websites.